A common issue/problem with some carriers is that they update your account to your new phone number at the same time they submit the port request. This causes the problem of you being able to make outgoing calls, and your caller ID will show your new phone number, however, when someone calls your new number, they hear our 'port out message' and if someone calls your old number, they hear a message that the number is not in service. What is happening is, your carrier is 'spoofing' your new number as the port has not been approved, let alone completed. Until the port completes, in 2-14 business days, you will be able to make calls, however, not receive any calls. This will fix itself once the port has completed, however, if you want/need to be able to receive incoming calls, you will need to contact your carrier to advise them of this situation and explain the above to them, that they have prematurely canceled your old number and are showing your new number, which has not ported to their network. This may also cause the port to be rejected as your old number has now been cancelled, however, that rejection would normally come from your provider. We have had a small number of carriers do this, and the ports have been successful and have completed on the FOC date. 

If your port was scheduled for today:

Carriers normally fulfill the request during their regular business hours before 6 PM. If it is after that time, simply turn your phone off and back on, if that does not work, perform a Hard Restart/Reboot of your phone. Here are instructions for Android and here are instructions for iPhone.

If that does not work, simply submit a support ticket to Number Shack who will verify with our carrier, if the port has been completed. If it has been fully completed and removed from our carrier, you will need to contact your phone provider for further assistance.