You must have already submitted your port and received a rejection for the contacts below to assist, they do not initiate ports. To start the porting process, please see our porting guide.

Porting instructions are here

Number transfer status can be checked here

If there is a rejection, Rogers will usually send a text message to either your temp. number or in most cases to the number you are porting to them (the one you obtained from Number Shack), in either case the text is valid and will ask you to call them with the information they asked for in the message. If Number Shack receives any text we will notify you and we are happy to do a three-way call to provide them the information or answer any questions they have. From online posts and past history, Rogers will usually text from 647-448-9950. If you would like Number Shack on the call, simply submit a support ticket and we will be happy to assist and set up a three-way call with you.

If you have any issues with the port, contact:

Rogers Wireless Mobile Wireless Porting Fallout Support, Escalations or 1-866-559-5545


For general porting questions, please submit a support ticket to Number Shack and we will reply the same day.