You want to sell your phone number, is that an option?

We do not trade or barter phone numbers, we occasionally will buy a vanity or premium phone number.

To be quite honest we always highly recommend that you sell the phone number yourself on such services as Kijiji or Facebook marketplace. If you’re not comfortable conducting a sale to somebody or perhaps feel you may be scammed, we do now purchase phone numbers, but please keep in mind you will not get the same value as if you were to sell it privately. We just want to be 100% upfront with you! Selling a phone number to us is like taking electronics or a musical instrument to a pawn shop.

Will I get more for a 416 number?

Glen Brown from the Canadian Numbering Association, is in charge of assigning numbers to carriers. He notes 416 numbers are no longer being handed out, but there are 2,010,000 647 area code numbers left to be assigned. As for 437 numbers, only 260,000 have been assigned since March 2013.

What does that mean?

That your 416 phone number is worth something. How much depends on several factors. There are articles online that say your number is worth millions, and we hate to break the news, however unless you're selling 416-888-8888 you are not looking at millions.

Before we can quote you a price we need to check if your number is a premium number, does the combination of numbers, do the repeat, 416-555-7788, 416-555-1919, etc, or is it a vanity number, does it spell a word that will sell, 416-555-SOLD, 416-555-HOME, 416-555-LOCK, etc, or are they considered an original number 416-555-4671, etc.

Most numbers that people are looking to sell are an original number and we sell those for $49.99-$139.99, we pay a monthly fee to our carrier to park the number until is sells, so the offer we make will most likely insult you, again, this is why we suggest selling yourself, at a reasonable and realistic price to get the most for it. You can view our 416 numbers to help you set a private selling price at

It's important to understand how selling a phone number works! Here are some things to consider:

Are you selling the buyer the number on a SIM card?

  • How will you get the SIM to them, in person or mail?
  • How can you ensure they put the SIM and number in their name so you are not responsible for calls and the use of the number?

Are you just wanting them to port the number to their account?

  • When the number ports to the person who bought it, unless there are other phone numbers, will close your account with your cell phone company as there will be no active phone service.
  • You will lose your plan and any promotions.
  • If you have a contract, the early termination fees will be charged to you.

We have an interactive online guide that may help you with some other important information on porting a phone number. Keep in mind this guide was made for our customers who are buying a number from us, however, it may help you understand the porting process. You can view that

If you would like to get a quote from us to buy your phone number, please submit a support ticket and we will reply with a quote for you to review at We do not provide quotes over the phone, please submit a support ticket for a quote.