Porting… How it works

You need to call Freedom Mobile to start the porting process. For details, please see our online porting guide, Porting 101, at port.numbershack.com

Freedom Mobile and/or their underlying carrier will initiate a port request for your phone number and send it to the current/losing carrier, as indicated on your Port Out Certificate.

Freedom Mobile must submit the port request with the exact porting credentials that are listed on your Port Out Certificate. Once approved, it’s the responsibility of Freedom Mobile and their underlying carrier to complete the porting request. 

Your Port Out Certificate

Everything Freedom Mobile needs is on your Port Out Certificate. The current End Users Name, The Billing Contact Name, The Account Number, The Billing Telephone Number (BTN), and The Current Billing/Service Address.

Be sure to provide this information to Freedom Mobile and instruct them to use it to submit the port order. If our carrier receives a port order that contains different information or no information, it will be auto-rejected.

Tips for porting to Freedom Mobile

Make sure Freedom Mobile knows this is a wireline port so they can choose port settings appropriately. All numbers purchased from Number Shack are classified as wireline or landline as opposed to wireless.

Be sure that Freedom Mobile enters the Resellers name in the Reseller field on the porting form. If left blank, the port will be auto-rejected.

Because this is a wireline to wireless port, the request cannot be completed on the same day as you might expect from a wireless-to-wireless port request. As such, be sure that Freedom Mobile requests for porting to complete on the next business day.

Some carriers are submitting the port request to our carrier with the name of the account holder as the person porting in the number (you). This results in an automatic rejection from our carrier before it comes to us for review. Please ensure that Freedom Mobile puts the 'current account owner/holder' as the name indicated on your Port Out Certificate. 

You can also contact the Freedom Mobile Escalation Resolution team for unresolved concerns online, and copy/paste the information from the Port Out Certificate and send it right to them:https://www.freedommobile.ca/en-CA/ccts-form

Number Shack is here to help

If you run into issues porting your number(s) to Freedom Mobile, we are here to help in any way we can, including conducting a three-way call with you and them. For assistance, contact our Port Support Team at 416-651-HELP or open a support ticket at i-need-support.com


Can I transfer my current phone number to Freedom Mobile?

Yes, you can! Keeping your number when you move from one phone service provider to another is called “porting” and it’s an easy process. Both mobile numbers and landlines can be ported.

How do I transfer my number?

Do not cancel your existing service. Instead, request that your current number be transferred over to us. You can do this at one of our stores if you’re activating a new service, or through Customer Care. Contact Us on your preferred platform.

To make the request, you will need to have the following information about the account with your current provider (we suggest using a bill from them):

  1. Your phone number
  2. Account number
  3. Name of the account holder
  4. Billing address

IMPORTANT: DO NOT cancel your current phone number – we will take care of that for you when we transfer your number.

Keeping your number safe

Once a transfer request is submitted for your number, you'll receive either an SMS or email from your current service provider to authorize the transfer.

You’ll need to keep your phone powered on with your current service provider’s SIM card active to receive the authorization SMS. Once you receive the SMS, respond “Yes” to complete the transfer or “No” to cancel the transfer request. If you do not respond to the SMS or email within 90 minutes the transfer request will cancel automatically.

Didn’t receive an authorization SMS or email? If you didn’t receive an authorization SMS or email, you’ll need to contact your service provider to authorize the transfer.

IMPORTANT: Beginning November 16, 2020, Port Protection will be replaced by the authorization process mentioned above.


Although it's generally an easy process to port your number, there are a few factors that might prevent it. For example, if you've already disconnected your service with your previous provider, then that number won't be yours to take with you anymore. Also, your current number must have an area code that is available within areas that we service. One of our representatives can help you to determine this if you are not sure.

Using iMessage (Apple) or RCS (Android)**If you’re porting your number, we recommend setting up iMessage and RCS **after your number has successfully transferred over.

If you’re also switching from an iPhone to an Android or vice versa, remember to deregister iMessage or disable RS (turn chat features off) respectively, to ensure your messaging service is not interrupted when changing devices.

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The information in this guide was obtained on the link below. We suggest you review the link for the most up to date information from your carrier: https://www.freedommobile.ca/en-CA/support/Can-I-transfer-my-current-phone-number