It’s easy to bring your number to Fido from another service provider. As soon as you have a Fido SIM and a temporary number active with us, we can start a request!

Here’s everything you need to know on how to bring your number over to Fido.

Step 1 - Confirm if your number is eligible

First, verify that your number is eligible for transfer.

  • Don’t cancel your current service or remove your SIM card, your number must be active to be transferred—It will cancel automatically when the transfer is complete.
  • Only active mobile, landline or fax number are transferable.

Step 2 - Start your transfer request with us

Once you have your Fido SIM and an active number with us, you’ll need some information from your previous provider:

  • Mobile service provider, one of the following: account number, PIN or password, IMEI or ESN.
  • Landline service provider: billing name and service address.
  • Note: the account must be under the same last name as your Fido account.

Contact us or visit a Fido Store to start your transfer request.

Step 3 - Confirm and complete your transfer

After we send your request to your previous provider, keep an eye on the number you’re transferring. You’ll receive a text message from your previous provider and you must respond YES to the text within 90 minutes to confirm the transfer.

Timelines to keep in mind:

  • Mobile number transfers - completed within 2.5 hours
  • Landline number transfers - about 2 business days

If we run into any issues, we’ll call you to get the information we need to complete the transfer. You can also call 1-888-481-3436 to check whether your transfer is still in progress or if it has been completed.

When the transfer’s done, you’ll receive a text message from us. You may need to restart your device to get a good connection.


My transfer hasn’t completed yet?

  • The transfer will be cancelled if you reject the request by replying NO, fail to respond within 90 minutes or if the info submitted isn't valid
  • You must have your previous provider's SIM in your phone to get the text message.
  • Landline-to-mobile transfers may take longer depending on the complexity of the number transfer from your current provider.

Is there a charge to transfer my number?

There’s no charge to transfer your number over, but you are responsible for any contractual obligations, including payment of early cancellation fees to your current provider (if applicable).

Can I bring my phone or get a new one?

Both options are available.

  • If you plan to bring your own phone to Fido, you’ll need to get a Fido SIM card.
  • You can get a new phone online or go to a Fido Store.

You'll receive a temporary number with your new Fido service. Contact us or visit a Fido store and a Fido Specialist will then start a request to transfer your number.

What will happen with my voicemail?

Your voicemail may reset during the transfer. It’s best to retrieve all your messages before starting a transfer request.

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