Vanity toll-free numbers are easy to remember and generate brand awareness. Vanity phone numbers typically spell out a word or a phrase. Famous examples include 1-800-FLOWERS and 1-800-CONTACTS.

Instead of requiring customers to look up or memorize a seemingly random set of numbers, they can recall the number easily and use the corresponding letters on a phone’s alphanumeric buttons to dial quickly. Vanity numbers have several key benefits over non-vanity numbers and can, in many cases, be a smart, long-term investment for your business and are not expensive.

With a toll-free vanity number, expanding your presence nationally is less cumbersome. You can quickly get customers familiar with your brand and cast a wider net than you would with a non-memorable, local number. Visit or simply contact us as we have access to thousands of toll-free vanity numbers, and we will find one to match your business or service.

Toll-free numbers can be set up to call forward to your business or cell phone for as low as $0.85 cents per month plus usage with our VOIP provider, contact us and we will have everything set up for you and will include $10 worth of free calls!